Working with automated gates?

  • 16 September 2020
  • The Gate Man

Richard Jackson, Founder of Gate Safe, provides some specialist advice to JIB members on how to safely approach automated gate installation...

Electricians are regularly called upon to complete an automated gate installation by handling the power connection, which activates the device.

In addition to this, there are frequent occasions where an electrician may be working on other projects within a site – either domestic or commercial - and is additionally tasked with the installation of a powered gate, putting him into the position of ‘the accidental installer’.

Both of the above scenarios place a responsibility on the electrician to provide a safe and compliant gate, not only in relation to conforming to electrical regulations, but also in terms of the final gate installation. If the electrician is simply adding power to the gate, he effectively becomes the professional that transforms a regular gate into what is legally a machine and as such, may be deemed accountable for his actions in the event of an unsafe or faulty installation. Previous cases involving the death of minors following electric gate accidents have acknowledged the legal and moral responsibility of all professionals who are actively involved in this type of installation to understand and observe the accepted protocol to ensure a safe gate is delivered. Equally, if the electrician adopts an installer role – both in terms of the original installation, adapting the gate in any way or undertaking routine maintenance - he assumes a direct responsibility for the automated gate.

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