Over 90% of commercial gates deemed unsafe

  • 4 March 2020
  • The Gate Man

A shocking national survey undertaken by Gate Safe, which reviewed more than 100 automated gates in a commercial setting, has revealed that over 90% of the installations reviewed were deemed unsafe and failed to meet the agreed safety protocol for an automated gate.

The survey included 49 sliding and 65 swing gates and while the safety was marginally better on the former, with just under 80% of sliding gates reported as unsafe, with the absence of any drawing in (run back) protection and the failure to feature safety edges on the trailing gate leaf representing the most common safety pitfalls. Commercial swing gate installations included in the survey demonstrated an appalling disregard for safety with over 98% of gates regarded as unsafe, with lack of hinge protection and the failure to install safety edges fitted to the bottom rail of the gate the most frequently cited reasons leading to the condemnation of the gates.


Read the full article on Gate Safe at https://news.gate-safe.org/over-90-of-commercial-gates-deemed-unsafe/